Nov 21st Black Friday & Cyber Monday

PayPal is BACK! Black Friday to Cyber Monday we unlock PayPal payment option. It's available for that weekend only. If everything goes smoothly after that, then we might keep it opened for longer. We're also having discounts going on for that weekend and if you use code "BlackFriday2019"  you will get 12% OFF from all your subscriptions which ... Læs mere »

Jan 23rd Frequently Asked Questions

What is the required Broadband speed?The service is suited to users who are experiencing a broadband download speed of 10 Mbps or more. Standard definition can operate on a 6 Mbps connection but quality can be limited. To test your broadband speed go to speedtest.net Will the quality degrade if there are a lot of devices on my home network?Yes, ... Læs mere »