Hopefully all of you have done your Christmas shopping and can relax by the Christmas tree with a good, strong glass of eggnog. Christmas is coming closer day by day and it's still getting darker and darker.
To lift everyone's mood we decided to start Christmas one weekend earlier in those dark and tough days, sitting in lockdown life wouldn't be that difficult anymore if you're able to watch Amazing and bit dorky Christmas movies with your loved ones and having belly full of Christmas roast.

From 19th of December till 27th ALL subscriptions are -15% if you use code "XMAS2020" even multiroom subscriptions, etc.
About our lovely resellers from 19th of December till 27th ALL reseller credits and packages are -10% if you use code "SANTA"


We personally thank every single one of You! We're  fortunate enough to have great customers, who bared with us in those difficult times and helping out each other in our Discord. We wish Merry Christmas to everyone! and keep your bellies full and head bit dizzy!!


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