How to pay with Bitcoins

Step 1. Start your order.

Step one. Start your order.

Step 2. Select your package. Username/m3u or MAC address based.

step 2

Step 3. Select subscription length.

Step 4. Add multiroom if it's required.

Step 5. Once you've selected your package and multiroom(if needed) click "Continue"

Step 6. If you have promo code then use it here.

Step 7. If you're first time registering, fill some of those boxes and please don't use your personal home address.

Step 8. Select preferred payment method and complete your order.

Step 9. After clicking on checkout you will be directed to payment gateaway select a coin and "Complete Chekout"

Step 10. You will be given brand NEW transaction ID to send funds too or simply scan QR code with your phone.

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