Perfect Player, How to set it up.

Step 1. Accept those terms to use the app.

Step 2. Click on settings.

Step 3. Open "General" settings

Step 4. Click on "Playlist" to add your m3u line.

Step 5. Paste your m3u line in there. Be sure you put check on VOD and name to your playlist. Shown as "TV".

Step 6. New Playlist is now added and it's based on M3U line.

Step 7. Update your Playlist.

Step 8. Click there to see more options.

Step 9. Update your Playlist again "in purple" if it didn't do it automatically before. Then click on this icon.

Step 10. Select VOD.

Step 11. You're all set. Channels are above and Movies/ TV series are down below.

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