Still running strong after being 4 years in the service business.

Within a year there have been so many upgrades, additional channels, and safety measures taken and we are proud of where we are now. There is always room for improvement and we will never stop adding more high-quality channels and keeping our customers satisfied with the VOD requests.

  • We have a ton of new channels with 50FPS FHD
  • Approximately 120 FHD channels have 14 days of catch-up and if demand is there, we can add catch-up to even more channels.
  • Since we do own our own VOD system, our VOD requests are automated via our Discord group, where you can get access to our VOD system and request 4K FHD movies or TV series.
  • Our channels and VOD are getting constant updates and the latest Main Events are announced in our Discord group.

Most of our updates and changes are announced in our Discord where you can also ask for help from others about different topics or some niche situations about the apps or devices and our humble community will always help you out. We 100% recommend everyone to join our discord and keep an eye on the updates because something awesome will be announced in the near future.
Our main support which affects your subscription is still via our website tickets.

Thank you for your time and hopefully we will see you soon!

Your's sincerely, Beams-TV

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