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We're still running strongly through out summer!

26th Jun 2022

Hey!   Hopefully, Everyone has enjoyed the summer so far. Just wanted to say, we are still running strong. Few changes will be made to improve the service. Not to be alerted, the prices will stay the same!!We're looking ahead and working on future footie events to keep those feeds as stable as possible. Have a Great rest of the summer Everyone ...

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IMPORTANT!!! Today's situation since Saturday 2nd of April

2nd Apr 2022

!!!IMPORTANT!!!!On the days when the footie is being played, a VPN will be required till the situation is fixed. The UK ISP is blocking the access and the whole community is working to get bypass it. There's no ETA at the moment but obviously sooner the better.Please join our discord if you have an active subscription using VPN or 4G will be the ...

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VOD is fully back!!

18th Nov 2021

Our VOD is now fully back and has all been caught up. We have A LOT available again and if you want more personalized requests, Plex is still a good option.

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