PayPal is BACK!

Black Friday to Cyber Monday we unlock PayPal payment option.
It's available for that weekend only. If everything goes smoothly after that, then we might keep it opened for longer.

We're also having discounts going on for that weekend and if you use code "BlackFriday2019"  you will get 12% OFF from all your subscriptions which you paid with Crypto. All our orders are now fully automated and all orders will be completed in couple of minutes, once we have received funds of course.
NO MORE WAITING for hours to get your subscription working and no more kids with out cartoons.


For true royals:

Since our costumer support and slow orders haven't been top-notch last month, we decided to give out discount for this weekend.
For our current and new costumers touring this weekend, to get discount you must choose correct number between 1-20 and type "OFF" as example: "69OFF"
IF you have been lucky and selected correct number, you will get discount from all your orders.


We do have a discord group where you can get help from our members, as well as regular users like yourself.

If you're stuck on loading the service, please take a look at the knowledgebase:

Best regards
Beams-TV Staff Team

Thursday, November 21, 2019

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