Beams TV - IPTV Subscription information


  • The pricing for IPTV is in the table below, you can change, upgrade or downgrade a subscription at any time you wish.
 Package  Price  + Adult package  +1 Multiroom
 24 Hour Free IPTV Trial  0 €    
 1 Month Premium IPTV Package  10 €  + 5 €  + 8 €
 3 Months Premium IPTV Package  25 €  + 8 €  + 20 €
 6 Months Premium IPTV Package  45 €  + 10 €  + 25 €
 12 Months Premium IPTV Package  80 €  + 12 €  + 30 €


  • What does a trial include?
    • The trials include all our premium IPTV content except sports and PPV.
  • How long does a trial last?
    • The trial lasts for 24 hours, once you place your order for a trial the time starts running instantly.


  • Mac/STB-based subscriptions for example for Infomir MAG devices, Formuler devices, and Engima devices with STB portal.
  • Username / Password subscriptions where you can use any app you wish that require M3U/EPG or Just a simple username and password login.
    • Like GSE IPTV, TIVIMATE, SIPTV for smart TV, and other apps that require you to log in with a username/password combination.
  • We also offer a combination package for both of those, you need to raise a ticket to get your mac paired with a username so you can use your subscription on the go with your smartphone for example.

Adult Package:

  • The adult package is for those who want the little extra "spice", we currently have around 300 adult channels with new content, plus a huge video-on-demand section.


  • Multiroom is an extra device to your IPTV subscription, with multiroom you can watch at home while watching on your phone or a second device on the go.
  • Multiroom is strictly per household, and if two people share the subscription and are not in the same household, the full subscription will be terminated instantly.
    our system is made to catch this automatically.

Upgrading / Downgrading / Changing subscription:

  • While you upgrade your service, x-amount of time will be added to the current subscription, so no time will be lost at all.
  • While you downgrade your service, your current subscription will end before you get a new invoice with the shorter time of the main subscription, and extended after what subscription you now want.
  • Changing subscription with for example +1 multiroom or adult content, you need to raise a ticket, and get an invoice from us for what you have to pay. Once that is done, we will upgrade your subscription and this will include in your next renewal.
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