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VOD is fully back!!

18th Nov 2021

Our VOD is now fully back and has all been caught up. We have A LOT available again and if you want more personalized requests, Plex is still a good option.

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3rd Nov 2021

Hey! Our VOD list has been lacking some updates last few weeks, But no need to worry we still have LOADS to choose from AND if you want the latest movie or TV series, Please get Plex access. Our Plex is updated daily and you can have your movie requests.Plex is a good alternative to watch movies with good quality and sometimes even in 4K. Once ...

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Merry Christmas from Beams TV

23rd Dec 2020

Please do note that a lot of us celebrate Christmas. During this period many of us will be more busy, thus replies to tickets, administration, or general staff duty is slower than normally.

Thank you very much for understanding and have a Merry Christmas in advance!

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