IPTV reseller credit system explained

When you become a Beams TV reseller, you are not just a normal reseller. We become partners the second you purchase the first package.
we can help you with everything from getting your own domains, setting up your own online store, and automating everything.

How does the subscription system work?

  • The subscriptions are based on a credit system for the different lengths of subscriptions and multiroom devices.
  • The credits are priced at 1€
  • All subscriptions come with a base of two connections, meaning you can use two screens in the same household the same time.
Length of subscription Credit price Multiroom*
1 Month 5 Credits 4 Credits
3 Months 12 Credits 8 Credits
6 Months 19 Credits 13 Credits
12 Months 35 Credits 18 Credits





  • Multiroom has a maximum of 3 extra devices, for a total of 4 devices in the same household, which means you can bring your device to for example a work trip and still use the others at home.


What about credit pricing?

  • Credit pricing will be explained in the table below, we are not the cheapest on the market credit-wise, but we can say we are the best on the market for uptime. That means happy customers.
  • We require a bit higher "first-time purchase" to become a reseller, as we do not want to waste any time on people who will just get 2-3 cheap subscriptions for themselves sadly, we do put in good support for our resellers and support their business-wise.
Reseller Package and amount of credits. Price for the package Link to purchase
Reseller account + 150 Credits 150 € Click Here
Package with 100 reseller credits 100 € Click Here
Package with 200 reseller credits 200 € Click Here
Package with 300 reseller credits 300 € Click Here
Package with 400 reseller credits 400 € Click Here
Package with 500 reseller credits + 50 Free bonus credits | 10% Bonus 500 € Click Here
Package with 1000 reseller credits + 200 Free bonus credits | 20% Bonus 1000 € Click Here
  • After your first credit top-up and reseller account purchase, you can purchase a credit package with as low as 100 credits.
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