IPTV Reselling with own website

Let's take IPTV Reselling to the next level, you have purchased a reseller package from us, and you want to grow bigger and sell online.
This requires little to no knowledge of IT, we can assist you through everything.

Investment Overview:

What Investment Fee's Link to purchase
Website Domain Yearly - Around 10 € Click Here (soon updated)
Stream Domain Yearly - Around 10 € Click Here (soon updated)
Web hosting Monthly - Around 10 € Click Here (soon updated)
Cloudflare account Free for 1 domain Click Here
WHMCS License Monthly - From 16 €  Click Here
Reseller License Monthly - From 8 € Click Here
Cryptocurrency Payment gateway. Free Click Here

Once you have everything on this list in order, we can start the fun.

Website Domain and hosting:

  • Point your domain to the web hosting, this is easily done by the company you purchased the domain / hosting from, just chat with them.
  • Install WHMCS, most web hosting companies have softaculous application installer, you select WHMCS and follow the setup.
    • Once WHMCS is installed, login to the admin panel and follow the setup there, for currency, time, cron jobs, etc. If you are very lost here, just ping us a message and we can help you out very quickly.

Reseller plugin:

  • Register and purchase the plugin, it's well worth it for automation.
  • It's very simple to set up and follow their guide to every single point, and you will have less work when the sales start to come in.
    • It includes automated emails, subscription setup, and everything that makes your day less hectic.
  • After the plugin is installed, you need to raise a ticket so we can whitelist your hosting IP address to our servers, so the plugin can connect and retrieve packages.
    • Once we have whitelisted the server, you can log in to your reseller panel, with the plugin, and set up packages for sale.
      This alone can take some time until you get the hang of it.
    • You need to create 4 Products.
      • Username Based
      • Username Based with adult
      • Mac Based 
      • Mac Based with adult
    • Once all those are created, you can add 1, 3, 6, and 12-month subscription into each in the billing tab of the product, make sure the settings for each package is correct, so you don't sell 1 month for 6 months and wise versa.

Payment gateway:

  • Cryptocurrency gateway:
    • Download the payment gateway after you have signed up on the cryptocurrency gateway website, and upload to the direction shown.
    • Enable the payment gateway, and go back to their website, and on your profile, you have "Merchant Settings" copy the information and fill in the boxes in WHMCS with the details needed.
  • PayPal:
    • A popular payment gateway for a lot of people, but it requires some documentation to get a "merchant" account, after that is set up I only suggest a total of 15.000 euros in sales a year.

Stream Domain:

  • Register on cloudflare.com and follow the setup for your stream domain
  • Once you have done that, raise a ticket with our support, and we will give you the stream server IP address to point the Cloudflare to.
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